Miranda Ramirez is a writer of poetry, prose, and creative nonfiction as well as an active visual artist. In all endeavors she seeks to marry her passions for social activism, art, and literature. As an individual she is incapable of being content in a single art form and feels that any attempt to do so is a fallacy in and of itself. In light of this passion she has founded Defunkt Magazine—a place that she hopes will provide a pulpit to the voiceless and offer a unique space for the amalgamation of various art forms. The intrinsic goal of this endeavor being to deliver an alternative perspective of the local community here in Houston. As a biracial American she struggles to find her place in said community--being consistently pulled towards two cultures historically set in opposition of one another.  She considers Defunkt a safe haven for like-minded/experienced individuals. Her own works both visual and written provide a jaded reflection of this experience.  You may find her publications in The Bayou Review: The Women's Issue, Ripples in Space: Science Fiction Short Stories for Fall 2018, Glass Mountain, Vol. 20, 21, 22, and within their online publication: Shards, Issue 3. Be sure to look for her latest publication: "Exploring the Paralleled Multiracial Experiences in Ceremony and Borderlands" in Coffin Bell’s fourth volume. Her visual works have been exhibited at Williams Tower Gallery, Tea+Art Gallery, and Insomnia Gallery.  She is also a member of MAX, the house improv troupe for BETA Theater.


Current Endeavors

Editor in Chief / Graphic Designer / Founder

Defunkt Magazine

Writer / 2019-2020 Roster

Writers in the Schools

Improv Actor / The MAX

BETA Theater Houston

CLASS of 2019 / BA Creative Writing

University of Houston


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